Fee Structure

1 Admission Fees 3000
2 Annual Fees
Medical fees 500
Newspaper and magazine fees 300
Annual electricity fees 2000
Computer and Wi-Fi charges 700
General maintenance charges 1500
Student Welfare Fund 500
Total Annual Fees 5500
3 Monthly mess fees 3200
4 Monthly room rent 3300

Payment of Fees

  1. Payment of fees is to be made directly at the Hostel Office
  2. At the time of admission, Admission Fees and Annual fees are to be paid. (Sl. No. 1 & 2)
  3. The Admission Fee is a onetime payment. However, the Annual Fees has to be paid at the beginning of each Academic Year
  4. Monthly fees have to be paid by the 10th of every month, failing which a late fine of Rs.100/- per day will be levied
  5. If admitted, the Hostel seat is reserved for one Academic year. Hosteller who do not complete an academic year, due to expulsion or any other reason, have to clear their room rent for the remaining months of the Academic Year
  6. During holidays etc, a concession of 50% in the monthly mess fees will be made only if Hostellers stay for less than 10 days of the month
  7. Room rent is to be paid for all the month of the academic year