About The Hostel

Shongsuk Hostel provides a comfortable and homely stay for out-station girls and boys students. It is located at a quiet residential area in the heart of the city. The separate boys and girls hostel buildings are in a spacious and exclusive complex which ensures a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. The hostel aims at giving its students a safe and healthy environment which is necessary for the growth of the students.

We understand the importance of the holistic growth of each student, and to ensure this, strict study hours are maintained, facilities for games, sports and other activities are provided, opportunities for advancing their leadership qualities are introduced, and activities that ensure the spiritual growth of the students is made a part of the daily routine. Discipline is an essential virtue that we endeavor to instill in each hosteller residing at Shongsuk. We strive to inspire in our students a strong sense of social responsibility as well as self-awareness and self-confidence.

The entire complex is Wi-Fi enabled to encourage the students to develop the practice of research based learning.


  • Electricity

    Inverter backup during power cuts

  • Computer

    Shared computers with printer facility

  • Water

    Hot and cold running water. Germ free filtered tap water

  • Internet

    Wi-Fi enabled Complex

  • Counsellor

    Regular sessions with qualified counsellors on request

  • News

    Daily newspapers and infotainment magazines

  • Safety

    Round the clock security

  • Rooms

    Uniform twin-sharing rooms for all Hostellers with personal closets, dressing table, and study tables. The hostel has Spacious outdoor area as well